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HopeKids is the Children’s Sunday school ministry at Living Hope Church and exists to work with parents as a team to lead children toward an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.  All children attend praise and worship service and are dismissed to class with a visual announcement cue on the sanctuary’s main screen.  Classroom time ends with the main sanctuary service time. 

HopeKids is now open for children  presently attending preschool through  6th grade.  All precautionary measures of sanitizing and spacing are in use. As changes from State and county mandates are made, we will adjust our needs to reflect those recommendations. Infants and diapered children remain with parents until further notice. 

Appropriate age grouping
  • Level 1 Preschool & Kindergarten

  • Level 2 Grades 1 & 2

  • Level 3 Grades 3&4

  • Level 4 Grades 5&6

Appropriate environment
  • Sitting areas and tables

  • Craft and writing supplies

  • Video screens viewable  in large groups

  • Sanitizing supplies

  • Individually wrapped snacks and disposable water cups

Appropriate Biblical Curriculum
  • Level 1 & 2 groups will use the Konnect Station Curriculum from  Children make real life connections to Biblical examples, learn scripture verse and a main lesson point using a classroom activity and take home paper. 

  • Level 3 & 4 groups will be using Kids 4 Truth Curriculum which explores 12 doctrinal truths which are repeated in each level at a deeper level.  The main goal is to have children prepared to defend the foundations of God’s word as they grow. 


Learn more about our 

children's curriculum.

Ministry Contacts

Zeke Ochoa



Martha Ochoa

Director of Children’s Ministry Overview 


Ms. Tawnya Mayer

Administrator of Children’s Ministry Development and Structure 

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