Our Ministries

Family Life Group

We encourage our congregation to move beyond ”doing church” to ”being the church.” Our small groups consist of three or more people who gather in a comfortable home setting to study and discuss the Bible and learn to apply it to our day to day lives. We encourage and pray for one another, care for one another, and do outreach ministry together. It gives us an opportunity to make new friends and helps us stay connected to God.

Men's Group

We believe that men play a vital role in family life. Reaching and connecting with our young men at an early age gives them a head start to establishing good morals and godly behavior. We have designed and put together activities and men gatherings where we bond together and encourage one another to excel. Our Men’s group adopted the acronym ”SOWERS”. Standing On the Wall Eager and Ready To Serve. The name comes from the story of Nehemiah when he led a group of men to stay on the wall and rebuild.

Women's Group

Our Women’s ministry exists to promote works of faith for our congregation, the surrounding community, and the global church thru meetings, fellowship, and fundraising projects. We base our vision on Romans 15:19, “So let us concentrate on the things which make for harmony and on the growth of our fellowship together.”

Student Ministry

Geared for students of middle school through high school, our student ministry guides all who are looking to find lasting relationships and to know more about God & His plan for their lives. We exist to reach teens every day and help them develop an authentic relationship with Christ through fellowship, prayer, worship and Bible studies. Meeting every Sunday, our students grow and create opportunities for others to serve and impact their community.

Children's Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry mirrors the LHC purpose, mission, and vision of the local church. At two years of age, toddlers and preschool children are introduced to God’s plan for all people, and to the great commission. Matthew 28:19. In the elementary grades K-5th, the lessons are expanded to include Christian living concepts through study of the scriptures. Our classes use a balance of exciting media and teachers in the class at hands -on group time. We believe that every child should be taught on the foundational principles of loving God and their neighbor as much as they love themselves. Matthew 22:36-40 We encourage all children to reach out in love, to walk in peace with all, and to help others daily.